Set laser printers on ROBOTOCIZE! [Corny]

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 15:50:21 +0200


>I'd say we all just gang up on Sega of America and tell them, "Look, we have
>a roboticizer set to Full and we *desparately* need a Sonic fix. For every
>day you sit on your rear ends not working on a Sonic IV, we will roboticize
>one of your employees and *make* them work on a Sonic IV. I don't mean a
>Sonic III, Part III (I refer to Sonic and Knuckles as 'Sonic III, Part II), I
>mean a Sonic IV, with a Intel Pentimum 150mhtz processor, 256 colors, etc.
>etc. etc."

That's a great idea, unfortunately, my Robotocizer is still not complete, as
I need a particle accelarator and magnetic particle control unit. So if any one
has 15 kilometers of copper-wire spare, and a few years to wind it for me..
I'd be happy to build us one.. or as least make a neato particle accelarator
that would allow as to blow plains to dust with golfballs, and turn people
into soup with paint specks..

On the serious side, I have heard SEGA are going into PC's! Check out their
job list, they're looking for PC coders.. maybe after this Knothole game
incident is finished I should offer my services. ;-)
Though they want BSEE's and crap.. arghh!


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