Re: offical email about the perv picture

From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 23:10:21 -0500 (EST)

>In a message dated 95-11-05 14:13:50 EST, you write:
>>i agree that is insane! It looks to me that Sega is trying to be like
>>Disney. Pulling people into court who just want to show that they like

I'm not sure I understand any of this. I thought that it was legal to use
pictures of a copyrighted character as long as no money was involved.
Considering the fact that they told Ratman to remove only the "mature"
pictures suggests they hated the content, not the fact that he was using the
characters. Since the content was created by someone else, and was meant in
jest(Depending on your point of view), doesn't it qualify as a parody?
(Parodies are perfectly legal.) I also don't understand why Sega didn't
demand IN WRITING that you remove the material. (E-Mail counts as a signed
document now? Not from what I understand.....Based on other cases I've heard
about, one of Sega's lawyers should have contacted you by mail, NOT e-mail.)
This whole thing stinks. It just doesn't seem right or make any sense!

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