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>i agree that is insane! It looks to me that Sega is trying to be like
>Disney. Pulling people into court who just want to show that they like
>something? It won't be long before they start shuting down Orpenages for
>puting up there own sonic drawing. Now I can agree about geting rid of
>the sonic porn. I allways hated that stuff. And you should be glad I
>never uploaded that one gory sonic Pic I found. But just the innocent
>little screen shots and drawings and all that. ahh!

If THIS is the case, I'd say we *blatently* continue to do it in a artistic
way of shoving our collective middle fingers in contempt for companies that
do such a thing! I did the same thing to Disney when I created Jonathan
Brisby, a Generation X version of Mickey Mouse (yes, yes, he's named after a
Don Bluth film, but that's not the point). He gets a cameo on BAM IV, and I
plan to write more stories for him in the future.

David Gonterman []

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