Re: "Mirror Image": Part 2

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 22:50:23 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Bookshire Draftwood wrote:

> To Shawn Wolski:
> Ummmm... I have BINHEX 4.0 so I don't have a problem, however, most
> people don't, so could you please repost this in MIME or even
> straight text would be wonderful. Thanks. :)

Actually, unless you have formatted a story with a word processor it makes
no sense whatsoever to use MIME, BINHEX, or even my favorite, UUENCODE
on the files.

In any event, it is probably best to send stories in all text so that
anyone can read them... Not everyone can read files produced by say...
Microsoft Word 7 for Windows 95's format... however you SHOULD be able
to save such stories in 'Text Only' from any word processor (and it IS
nice if line are 80 characters or less... especially for those on UNIX
boxes or those using dumb terminal emulators).

If you HAVE gone to the trouble of making fancy formatting or including
pictures the best options I can think of are:
  (1) Include a formatted version which can be downloaded from Bookshire's
      story archives.
  (2) Create an HTML version viewable like David Gonterman's stuff.

By the way...

Just to include something Sonic-Relevant, a while back I had e-mailed
Sega via their WWW site ( and asked them if there
were any new Sonic games planned...

Their reply was a typical business non-answer:

  We cannot confirm or deny if there is going to be a new Sonic game
  however Sonic is very important to this company and you can be sure
  we would not abandom him.

(actually that was paraphrased... I cannot find the original letter)

Cool stories by the way.. So far I haven't gotten around to reading all
of the newest ones though... I FINALLY have some possible staring points
for a few Sonic stories... I don't know if/when I'd be able to get around
to filling in enough of the details to actually have real stories though.

I WOULD like to download a few drawings I've made of Sonic and some of
the Freedom Fighters... They look a bit different because I was having
'fun' with the drawings.

  James Firmiss

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