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>Just to include something Sonic-Relevant, a while back I had e-mailed
>Sega via their WWW site ( and asked them if there
>were any new Sonic games planned...
>Their reply was a typical business non-answer:
> We cannot confirm or deny if there is going to be a new Sonic game
> however Sonic is very important to this company and you can be sure
> we would not abandom him.

I'd say we all just gang up on Sega of America and tell them, "Look, we have
a roboticizer set to Full and we *desparately* need a Sonic fix. For every
day you sit on your rear ends not working on a Sonic IV, we will roboticize
one of your employees and *make* them work on a Sonic IV. I don't mean a
Sonic III, Part III (I refer to Sonic and Knuckles as 'Sonic III, Part II), I
mean a Sonic IV, with a Intel Pentimum 150mhtz processor, 256 colors, etc.
etc. etc."

Anybody want to join me?

David Gonterman []

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