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From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 14:43:01 +0200

Hello All, Dan asked what the game would be like.. so here I go!

The game type I was thinking of would be something like syndicate, where you
see the map from the air. (Kinda like looking down at a doll house at 45degrees)

I was thinking of there being seperate freedom fighter parties, (with group
leaders etc.) You create your character, lets say Dan is a Fox.. a vulpea
vulpea (red fox) Right? Okay, now Dan has 35 study points, so before he becomes
a freedom fighter, he says "Okay, lemme see.."

Unarmed Combat:10
Armed Combat:20
Digital System:5
bla :0
bla :0
bla :0

Later on as time goes by, he gains more study time, so he can upgrade the

Then he is randomly assigned to a group of furry freedom fighters, Okay..
So Dan ends up in .. the southside freedom pack.
He gets told a little story, maybe with some good music and Sound Blaster sound,
as I do have the units to do that. [They're all mine AAHAHAHAH!]

The group leader then sees that there is a big mean nasty swat-bot plant, and
realises after he loses five of his teams to it that he'd better give someone
else the Job.. so he puts a message in the out thing.. Of course, someone has to
deliver the mail in the game. So one guy has to do a mail-mission. [low-risk]
{By the way, seeing that you won'y know the guys real name Email will be

Okay, So now let say Lindsay's team, (Who have developed a Swat-Splat
laser.. okay too lame name.. a Gravatic Particle Displacer Weapon [GPDW],
decide to
do the mission, then Lindsay selects someone to carry it out. That person is
then given his main character, some guys who go with him. [who by the way aren't
players.. so if they get killed.. it only effects the team strength, doesn't
cause some guy who didn't play to get the message.. "You were killed when
someone else got wasted.. Game Over"]

That player, next time he gets his player file, sees that he has a mission, so
he grabs some coffie and begins. He is given a view like syndicate. hmm,
lets see how my Asci art looks..

| | NAME |
| | INFO |
| /----/| |------|
| /----/ | | TEAM |
| | | | | INFO |
| | | /| | |
| | ||/ |------|
| |___|/ MAP VIEW | =3D= |
| | View |

Okay, how does that look?

The name-Info box would say something like: "Dan the Itchy", health 43%, stamina
92%, carrying--Stunned Fox[SAM].

Team Info would be all the team members, listed like this.

Sam |*STUNNED* |
Jas |*HACKING* |46%.
Dan |*IDLE* |

Now you could click on any of these, and TADA, you'd go to them.

Okay now the little 3dview box, is kinda like a wolfenstein view, my gaming
technology level is nearly there, so with any luck, by the time the game is
near complete, I should be able to put that feature in.

The main view, is the Syndicate/Ufo/WarCraft style view.

Other infos: When someone is on lookout, if they see something.. they tell you,
either over Sb or via a dialog box.

Your players don't get killed by swat-bot fire, they get stunned, the swat-bots
will then try to take them to the swat-bot hover unit. If they succeed at this,
then that player is captured. (Course, if you waste em before they get to the
car.. the stunned guy is all yours.. again.)

If players get too close to swat-bots, and aren't in combat mode, they also get
grabbed, and can be captured.. though you have a certain amount of control
over a conscious player who's being carried by a swat..

'Nuff said.

Well, I hope that clears it up.. Anyone have anything more ta say?

[Check the Sega job offers, they're looking for an assasin now.]


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