Re: RPGs?????

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 06:08:00 -0500

-> I'm sure there would be interest in a Sonic RPG one could play on
-> their system, but you should probably get clearance from Sega even if
-> you plan to make the game freeware.

Well I will break the scilence. I was reading up on a program called
Inform and am planing on writeing a sonic Text Adventure (More like an
Interactive Story) that whould be somewhat easy to finish. and yes you
can get killed in it! Inform the program that I whould use to compile it
if I ever did write it is simalar to a system that made games for the
famus Infocom co. Games like Zork,Hitchhiker's guide and Planetfall to
name a few. The point is It will be freeware but if I give all credit do
I need to still get premission from sega?

Let me know

PS. The good part is that the data file the .z5 file which is the game
itself can be played on any computer as long as you have an interprater
for it.

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