Tail of his own.

From: Steven Back <sback_at_astro.ge.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 12:55:58 -0400

Just got the first part of the Tail's series. (OK so I'm
late) Just wanted to make a few comments,


The writers need to take a back seat to the artists.
Tail's is way to wordy, expressing every thought or
idea (is a way too dramatic self narration) rather than
let a picture of a action tell the tale.

The first two pages made me think they had everyone WAY
off model, then I realized that it was Tail's own drawings
we were seeing, and of course Tail draws like 10 year old. :-)
Interesting view of Sally, though.

Hated to see the Seafox go, kinda strange they decided to
junk it so early.

Didn't care for the undersea freedom fighters. They don't
fit in too well. I like it better with the freedom fighters
be few and far between in small cells. These just seemed
to convenient, though I did like the way they saved Tails
from drowning as a flashback rather, made the drowning of
the fox seem more dramatic.


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