Re: Is the list dead?

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 95 16:01:21 MDT

On Thur 05 Oct, you wrote:

>I haven't ever picked up a StH Archie comic yet. ...I think I'll
>look into picking up a few.

There are three ways you can get them. One - go anywhere that
sells Archie comics. It's a sure bet that if you see Archie and
his gang, you will also find Sonic, too. I suggest Waldenbooks
or B. Dalton or at a convience store, or wherever.
        Two - if you get an issue, subscribe directly to Archie
comics. They always have a deal where 13 comics go for $15 (not
including S&H).
        Three - if you deside you like it, you can order or find
back issues. You can get them either from Archie comics or Toys
R' Us. Archie comics sells them for aprox. $1.50 each. Toys 'R
Us sells two issues for $2.
        I hope you decide you like these comics. I sure do. ;-)

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