STORY: Seeing Stars (3/4)

From: Pat Carson <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 04:33:54 -0700 (PDT)

     The group, caught completely off guard when the first bolt was fired,
managed to snap out of it just in time to dodge the second one and scatter,
splitting the group in two. Bunnie, Antoine and Tails ran for the cover of
a tall machine, and Sally, Sonic and Vision hid behind a set of large metal
     Sonic wiped his brow. "Oh, man! So much for getting that thing outta
here, Vis!"
     Vision nodded. "As well as my plan to destroy it safely... I can
guarantee there's plenty of more power in that Ry'den star. We're gonna have
to..." He was interrupted by Robotnik's gloating voice blaring from a set of
loudspeakers in the room.
     "Well, hedgehog, how do you like my new toy? Impressive, is it not?"
Robotnik chortled. "Surrender yourself now, and your fellow Freedom
Fighters will be given the merciful fate of Roboticization..."

     Sally whispered to Vision and Sonic as Robotnik spoke, "he could raze
all of Mobius with that thing... We have to do _something_..."

     Sonic interrupted Robotnik by yelling "Go jump into a reactor core,

     Robotnik's blaring voice spoke on. "Well, then, since you've refused
such a reasonable offer, I've no choice but to _exterminate_ you all!"
     Robotnik laughed maniacally as Packbell added, "And take notice,
rodents! If this weapon doesn't take care of you, our SWATBots most
assuredly will!" As if on cue, numerous SWATBots began to file into the
room through the doors, searching for the Freedom Fighters.
     Sonic frowned as he heard the clanking metallic footsteps, and snuck a
quick glance at then machine the other half of the group was hiding behind.
Bunnie was holding her own against a pair of SWATBots, as Tails and Antoine
hid under the machine, Tails handling things a bit more bravely.
     "Man..." Sonic said, turning around to Sally and Vision. "Outta the
fryin' pan, into the... LOOK OUT!!" he yelled as two SWATBots appeared
behind the other two, firing their lasers.
     What happened next amazed Sally and Sonic. Vision zipped behind Sally,
placing himself between her and Sonic, and the SWATBots, and held up his
hands, as if to try and block the laser bolts with them. Surprisingly, he
succeeds, his hands absorbing the energy of the bolts. The energy seemed to
run down his arms, across his back, and back to his hands, discharging in
two coarse blasts of energy back at the SWATBots, blowing their heads clean
off. "Back at'cha, suckers!"
     Both Sonic and Sally stood there, completely stupified, Sonic barely
managing to emit a quiet "Whoa..." as Vision dragged the two defunct
SWATBots over. "It's a Keld'yrian thing." Vision said to Sonic, grinning.
He then looked at Sally and shook her gently. "C'mon, Sally, snap out of
it. We still need ya here."
     Sally blinked and snapped out of her daze. "Uh, right... How can we
destroy that thing, Vision?"
     "Well..." he replied, ripping the back panels off the SWATBots, and
sticking his hands in each of them. he began to glow as he absorbed
electricity from their batteries. "My other plan for destroying it is a bit
more risky... I'll need you, Blue Boy, to provide a distraction while I make
my way to that platform Crazy Ivo's on. Then, on my signal, you toss me one
of your Power Rings, and I'll..."
     "Whoa! Waitaminit!!" Sonic said, with some suspicion. "You want one
of MY Power Rings? Whaddya need THAT for?"
     Vision rolled his eyes and pulled his hands out of the now-drained
SWATBots. "We're gonna exploit the incompatibility between the two power
sources, by... DUCK!!" Sonic and Sally instinctively did so as a laser bolt
whizzed over their heads from another SWATBot, which Vision then fried with
a blast of electricity. "Look, there's a game I played as a small kid where
you get a toy if you flip a metal ring onto a large spike. We're gonna play
that tonight, but our prize this time is a very loud BOOM. Got it?"

     Sonic blinked, then smirked as the goal of the tactic dawned on him.
"Heh. Oookay, I hope this works, Vis..."
     Vision found a small door on one of the boxes and opened it, looking
inside.. "You and me both... Empty, good. Sally, hide in here, then be
prepared to jet out of here with Sonic when things start going haywire."
     Sally nodded, and climbed in, having Nicole provide light in the empty
box. Vision then turned to Sonic. "On three, Blue Boy. One... Two...
     Sonic sped out from behind the large boxes, and spotted three SWATBots
approaching. He put his thumbs on his ears and razzed them, then sped off
as they gave chase, firing at him. Vision waited for them to pass, and said
"Wish me luck, Sally!" He began to stealthily make his way to the platform,
zapping two SWATBots headed in Bunnie's direction along the way.
     Sally kept the door to the box closed, saying, "Good luck.. we'll all
need it.."
                                    * * *
     Robotnik surveyed the room impatiently. "Why haven't the SWATBots
drawn those rodents out of their little hiding spaces yet? I... What's
this?" He spotted Sonic zipping around the large room, dodging shots from
the five SWATBots pursuing him, as well as a couple of bolts from the Ry'den
star. "WHAT is that miserable hedgehog up to? He can't possibly believe
     "Lord Robotnik!" Packbell exclaimed, turning to fire his laser rifle at
something. He never got a shot off, however, as a bolt of electricity
slammed into him, sending him flying off the platform.
     Robotnik quickly spun around towards the source of the bolt, and found
Vision standing on the platform, his hands behind his back. "Greetings, oh
fat one!"
     Robotnik glared at Vision startledly. "Who...? WHAT...??"
     Vision smirked. "WHO is one of those to whom that crystal really
belongs to, and WHAT _you're_ gonna do is give it back, if ya know what's
good for ya."
     Robotnik scowled at Vision's impunity, his eyes glowing a bright red.
"Sooo... _you're_ the ones who it belonged to... hmm..." He reached over to
a rifle laying next to a control panel. "Well, I'm afraid that I've grown
attached to this wonderful bauble, so..." he said, pointing the rifle at
Vision, "You can't have it."
     Vision just sighed and threw up his arms... "Oh well, in that case..."
He then grinned. "...neither can you."
     *Now, Blue Boy!*
     Sonic sped past the platform, seven SWATBots now in pursuit. He
reached into his backpack, pulled out a Power Ring, and quickly tossed it to
Vision. "Catch!"
     Vision caught the Power Ring, and deftly flipped it towards the Ry'den
Star. It sailed over Robotnik's head in an arc, and landed on the topmost
spike of the star with a 'clink'.
     *Let's move, guys, Two minutes 'till this place goes up!*
     Robotnik watched the ring sail over and land, then turned to see Vision
wave, "C'ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" and jump off the platform. he stood,
confused at this tactic, until a screeching sound coming from the Ry'den
Star enlightened him.
     "Dr. Robotnik, sir!" Snively shouted, panicked. "The Power Ring is
creating a major energy feedback! Systems are overloading!"
     "NO!" He turned to see the Ry'den Star glowing brightly, energy arcing
out in every direction, making electronics go haywire around it. He spotted
two SWATBots nearby. "SWATBOTS! Remove that blasted Power Ring from there at
     The SWATBots, fearing Robotnik's wrath more than the Ry'den Star,
immediately began to advance towards it. They only managed to get 6' close
to it before it's energies lashed out at them, reducing them to smoking
     "Dr. Robotnik!!" Snively exclaimed, very panicked now. "The crystal's
energy level is reaching critical, and will result in a massive explosion in
two minutes! We must evacuate, Sir!"
     This news sent Robotnik into a total conniption. "NoNoNONOOOOO! THIS
CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!" He smashed a monitor to pieces with his robotic
arm, then glared at Packbell, who was pulling himself back up on the
platform, not looking to be in good shape, and having some choice words to
say. Robotnik's eyes glowed even brighter as he said, "Commander Packbell,
make sure those miserable Freedom Fighters and their friend never leave this
     Packbell stood and nodded. "Yes, Lord Robotnik." He leapt off the
platform as Robotnik and Snively left for the shuttle, muttering, "I knew
something like this would happen, you sputtering fat fool..."
                                    * * *
     Bunnie, Antoine, and Tails all caught Vision's thoughtsend, and blinked
in confusion at each other... Then the building began to shake a bit...
Bunnie exclaimed, "Darlin's, ah think it's time to get outta here!!" She
grabbed Tails and Antoine and began running for the nearest open door.
     They made it to the door and turned the corner, only to find three
SWATBots blocking their path. "FREEZE!"
     Before the Freedom Fighters could react, however, three bright yellow
plasma bolts sailed over them, one after the other, towards the SWATBots,
obliterating them. They spun around to see Vision holding a large looking
blaster weapon. He walked over to Bunnie and handed it to her. "That toy I
found in that room earlier. Happy Holidays." He said with a grin.
     Bunnie OOFed a bit as she was handed the heavy weapon. "But..." Vision
held up his hand and looked behind him. "Gotta take care of Sally and blue
Boy. We'll meet ya at the rendezvous point. Bye!" He waved and zipped back
into the room.

     Bunnie blinked, then turned to face the other two. "Ok, boys, you heard
'im. Let's move it!" She struggled with the weapon a bit.. "This thangs
sure goshdarn heavy... How in blazes did he..."
     Antoine screamed as he pointed behind her and Tails. "BUNNIE!!!!"
     Bunnie whirled around just in time to see a SWATBot bearing a similar
weapon on her. She almost instinctively pulled the trigger, and it fired
another yellow plasma bolt into the SWATBot, blowing it to pieces. She
stumbled a bit from the recoil. "Whew! Thanks, Antoine!" She then hefted
the big gun. "This thang may be heave, but it sure 'n blazes packs a
whallop! Let's go, boys! Yahoo!!" and they continued on their way out of the
                                    * * *
     Meanwhile, Sally caught Vision's thoughtsend, and then noticed the
building begin to shake.. "He did it! Thank goodness... We need to get out
of here.. Nicole, on my mark, count off two minutes. Mark." and then left
the box as Nicole counted. "Two minutes..."
     Sally stepped out of the box, noticing a few catwalks beginning to
buckle.. it was just then that Sonic zipped up to her. "All aboard on the
Sonic express!"
     Sally gasped, then hopped in Sonic's arms. "Where's Vision?"
     Sonic looked around. "I dunno, but he's probably doing the same thing
we are, and that's jammin' outta here!" With that, he jetted towards the
door out of the room. A very unwelcome obstacle made Sonic stop in his
tracks, however, and that obstacle's name was Packbell.
     Packbell pointed his laser rifle at the two and smiled malevolently.
"Hello, rodents!"
     "Goodbye, sucker!" A voice came from behind him. He spun around just
in time to see a brown-furred shape slam into his chest, sending him flying
into the machine Bunnie was hiding behind before, just as it was
overloading. Packbell twitched uncontrollably, his head slammed through the
machine's control panel, then lay still, smoking and sparking.
     Vision landed next to Sonic and Sally, and oos, grinning.. "That's
gotta hurt..."
     Sonic gaped. "Whoa! Way past cool, Vis!"
     Nicole beeped. "One minute, 45 seconds..."
     "That's our cue to blow this pop stand..." said Vision, and the three
made a hasty exit out of the room and down the halls.
     They sped through the hallways and corridors at breakneck speed, until
coming upon the front entrance. They opened the large door, and ran outside,
only to be stopped again by a group of ten SWATBots waiting for them.
     Nicole beeped. "One minute, 15 seconds..."
     Vision looked at the SWATBots as they advanced on the trio, then
grinned at Sonic. "How good are you at bowling, Blue Boy?" He winked.
     Sonic smirked and put Sally down, reaching into his backpack. "I'm Way
past Cool..." he said, pulling out the second Power Ring, holding it up.
     The power ring glowed brightly, then bathed Sonic in a tremendous
amount of it's energy. Sonic used this extra boost of power to roll up into
a ball and buzzsaw roll at the SWATBots, the ground set on fire behind him
as he managed to plow throw and smash eight of them, leaving two of the
outermost bots behind.
     Vision sighed.. "Seven-Ten split, Blue Boy..." and discharged more of
his stored electricity at the remaining two, putting them out of commission.
He then shifted again into a form that made Sally gasp a bit...
     Vision looked humanoid, with yellow skin that seemed to glow, a head of
black hair tied into a ponytail. A somewhat muzzled mouth, hazel
colored eyes that looked like clear glass orbs, and fox like ears. Wings
that looked like a cross between a butterfly's and a faerie's, and a
slender tail with a slightly spaded tip.
     Vision chuckled at Sally's response. "What we really look like. C'mon,
let's fly outta here."
     Nicole beeped. "One minute, 0 seconds..."

     Sally blinked, Nicole's voice jarring her out of her amazement. "Yes,
this building's going to blow any minute." She hopped into Vision's arms and
they took off.
                                    * * *
     The entire group arrived at the rendezvous point where Dulcy was
waiting. Vision's entrance made quite a stir, and he explained how his
current form was the one he was born with as Nicole counted downward. When
she reached ten second, Bunnie looked at the building in the distance.
"That thang's gonna blow any second, guys!"
     Everyone watched as Nicole counted down. She reached three when there
was a bright flash coming from the building, and the entire structure blew
apart in a massive explosion, large enough to make the wind stir where they
were standing.
     Antoine eep!d and shuddered.. "I ahm very fortune hunting that we have
gotten our books out of there..."
     Sonic rolled his eyes. "Ant, your wording stinks, as usual. Still, we
think we get the picture."
     Antoine hmmphed indignantly at Sonic, and Sally stepped in between the
two. "I think this is a good time to get back to Knothole, everyone."
     Everyone else nodded in agreement, and started on their journey back.
                                    * * *

     Robotnik sat in his chair at the Command Center, seething as he
observed the exploding building on the main viewscreen. Snively was
cowering at a smaller monitor, knowing better than to get in Robotnik's way
in moments like this... "Snively?"
     Snively gulped audibly as Robotnik called him. He faced Robotnik,
wishing he had some hole to jump into. "Y-y-y-y-yessss, S-s-s-sirr?"
     Robotnik didn't move an inch, nor did his expression change. "I want
you to listen to me _very_ carefully... What I have to say is crucial, both
to my mental well being... and your _physical_ well being..."
     Snively gulped again, jumping a bit at the thinly veiled threat.
Robotnik continued, "That... alien, helping those accursed rodents...
Whatever it takes... I want to know everything there is to know about him
and his kind.... Do you hear me, Snively?" He turned towards Snively, his
face taking on a terrifying scowl, his eyes glowing infernally.
     Snively yelped and hid behind a chair, breathing rapidly... "*gulp!*
Y-y-y-y-y-yesssSss S-s-s-s-sir... Will w-w-ork on it imm-m-m-ediatly,
     "See that you do." Robotnik turned back towards the viewscreen, seeing
the rubble of the building. The time has come, he thought, to devise
something that will rid me of those Freedom Fighters.. and that wretched
blue hedgehog... forever....

                                    * * *

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