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>From Sonic The Hedgehog,

        In response to the enormous need for more pictures on the site, I
recently moved all of my archives over to an more accessible site, since
the space in my account doesn't permit for overwhelming collections of
pictures. I will post the address once the archives have been put in
order and accounted for.

        And coming up, MORE specially drawn pics of Tails coming up! All
of you Miles "Tails" Prower fans will be able to enjoy more of my tails
drawings once I get the time to scan them in and put them up on

        Are there any more requests for pictures -- I can draw very well
and I recently put up my homepage (new one is now at Enjoy the way past cool artwork there. Its
way past cooler than the other homepage. :^) You be the judges, fellow

                                                Sonic The Hedgehog
                                        World's Largest Sonic Art Archives
                                        (45MB+ of Sonic artwork and building)
                                        Bryant A. Melesko (Owner/Curator)
                                        Ftp site name coming soon to you!

Email me at for more info.

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