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Subject: Re: Sonic Icons and Archie's Sonic 29

> Sonic Icons:
> A while back someone had posted small binhex'ed files called
> I forgot who posted them (I deleted the original file after doing BINHEX
> conversions). I was wondering how I go about viewing or installing these.
> Also.. are these Windows icons or Mac icons? (I can't figure out how to
> get them to work on the Mac.. and I've never seen BINHEX used for IBM files
> before.

If this hAsn't been answered yet, I will: they're Windosw icons... If
anyone's interested, and they haven't been GIFfed yet, I could see about
uploading the GIFs to the FTP site... :)

> Archie Sonic 29:
> There's been a bit of discussion (here and on
> about this comic. Despite the fact that I didn't like her annoying voice
> on the Sat AM cartoon, I'm glad to see she's finally made it to the comics.

You're referring to Dulcy... :) Actually, I *liked* Cree Summer-Franck's
use of her Elmyra (Tiny Toons) voice for Dulcy, as it had added to the
comic flavour whenever she crashed... :) I'm *reallly* happy to see her
back, too! :)

(And what an intro! :) )

> I'm however disappointed with how Roboticized-Sally was drawn. I was
> expecting her to look either like the Sat-AM version of Roboticized-Sally
> (as seen in Sonic's Nightmare) or like the cover drawing.

I thought it was fair, but that's all...

> I like Quozl's suggestion for keeping Fiona the Robot Fox (was that her
> name? I'm suddently not sure). She'd be an interesting addition to the
> freedom fighters.

Thank you... :) Any more Fiona fans? ;)

> Else:
> I think I finally came up with an idea for a Sonic the Hedgehog story!
> Now if I can ever find the time to write the whole thing. Right now its
> just a sketchy outline of a plot.

My suggestion as a writer: just do it... :) Stalling only increases the
chance that it *won't* get written at all..

> Archie's explanation for Tail's age changing was pretty contrived and
> really stretching it :) How about this for an alternate explanation:

I felt *all* the explanations stunk in this month's lettercol... Oh, well...


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