Sonic Icons and Archie's Sonic 29

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 13:34:45 CDT

Sonic Icons:

A while back someone had posted small binhex'ed files called
I forgot who posted them (I deleted the original file after doing BINHEX
conversions). I was wondering how I go about viewing or installing these.
Also.. are these Windows icons or Mac icons? (I can't figure out how to
get them to work on the Mac.. and I've never seen BINHEX used for IBM files

Archie Sonic 29:

There's been a bit of discussion (here and on
about this comic. Despite the fact that I didn't like her annoying voice
on the Sat AM cartoon, I'm glad to see she's finally made it to the comics.

I'm however disappointed with how Roboticized-Sally was drawn. I was
expecting her to look either like the Sat-AM version of Roboticized-Sally
(as seen in Sonic's Nightmare) or like the cover drawing.

I like Quozl's suggestion for keeping Fiona the Robot Fox (was that her
name? I'm suddently not sure). She'd be an interesting addition to the
freedom fighters.


I think I finally came up with an idea for a Sonic the Hedgehog story!
Now if I can ever find the time to write the whole thing. Right now its
just a sketchy outline of a plot.

Archie's explanation for Tail's age changing was pretty contrived and
really stretching it :) How about this for an alternate explanation:

  He's really 4 years old but he's '10' in 'fox years'.

A friend of mine found an unlabled CD full of 80's 'Sci-Fi' tv-show theme
songs which we were trying to identify (what was that stupid show with the
300mph motercycle?)... anyway... while listening to the 'Airwolf' theme
song I had visions of an adult 'Tails'. He might be fun to see in a story
(BTW.. the story idea I came up with does NOT involve an adult Tails)

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