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From: Shawn Wolski <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 18:10:25 -0500

Greetings, fellow writers, FT players, and Sonic Net members!

I have a few crazy ideas (*smirk*) that I want to throw out to the general
Sonic Net populace for suggestions and approval:

-Character Profiles: HTML pages featuring the 3rd-party Sonic characters
 (i.e. David, Bookshire, Sandra, Todd, and so on) from the short stories modeled
 after the SatAM show (and if there's a demand for it, I'll consider
characters from
 FT as well). Here's what I'm looking for as of now:

 Name (of course :) )
 Physical Profile
 Mental Profile
 History (birthdate, death (if applicable), conditions of life (from birth
to reference
      year of 3237)
 Pictures (?)
 MUCKs character is on (if applicable)
 Short Stories (including major parts to minor mentions) that the character
      in (concentrating on the SatAM-modeled stories, not the Alternate
Universe series)
 Copyright Credits (name of creator and date for character)
 Creator's web page (if applicable)

-Sonic FAQ (HTML version): Yes, I know, what I used to have on my homepage is
 WAY out of date, but I'm working on a fully HTMLed (and updated) version of
it now.
 One question: put it at my university site and connect it via the Sonic
Net page, or
 give it to Ratman to put at his site (since he has the majority of the
Sonic data anyway)?

-Technical Manual (guess who :) ): OK..."Evolution of a Predator" went too
far into the
 technology theme, and I need something available for those who are
interested in David's
 functionality and to provide technical background for stories (in order to
keep everything
 in line on what David has). I've had this idea kicking around for a while,
and I wanted to
 get a consensus on what YOU think of it.

That's all for me your comments, or meet me on the MUCKs and
we'll talk.

Shawn Wolski, N5UNA
(web page provisionally off-line, but not for long. :) )
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