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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:06:40 EDT
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> Hey!!!

HIYA!! :)

> This is only for musicians on the Soniclists,not for your computer.
> you didn't understood my last message,I wanted to tell that I had
> partitures of these songs in paper not on MIDI or WAV files. Now
if you like those
> songs and you know how to play piano or keyboard,it's for you.

KEWL! Just as good as a MIDI or MOD! :) I can always enter in the
music into a MIDI sequencer and have it play on the computer. :) Any
way I can get ahold of 'em?

> SEE YOU!!!
> Your Mexican friend

                                      -Dan Ramos
                                       Your virtual pal! :P

                                       Miles / Sonic _at_ FurTooniaMUCK
                                       Sonic _at_ FurryMUCK
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