Re: How rabbot is Bunnie?

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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 22:45:51 +1000

> As for being deroboticized, it would probably take far longer
> than simple roboticization. The latter simply requires that
> robotic elements attach to a biological host; in order to
> deroboticize, you have to remove the robotics while making sure
> you don't damage the host any more than it has already been.

The derobotosation procedure I thought up for the intelligent
nanites idea would involve convincing the little cybers to refer to
the host's DNA instead of their ROMs. :)

(The 2nd season StHs have yet to show in Australia, but I'd like to
suggest thats what they tried on Bunnie in "Sonic Conversion".
Afterwards the nanites regained their original programming and they
rebuilt the bionics again..)

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