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>If she has an intelligent cybernetically augmented immune&etc
>system, has her healing rate and other bodily production and
>replacement functions improved or depreciated? Is she effectively
>immortal now? (Insert a thousand story ideas here. :)

   The point of roboticzation was to turn someone into a robot. The systems
were not designed to cooperate with the organic parts of the body, they were
designed to completely replace them. So, her body's immune system would stay
the same, but her limbs' immune system is now much better.
   The organic part of her is not immortal, but the robotic part is. (It was
never "alive" in the first place, though.) If her head exploded, I'm sure
she'd die. If her arm exploded, she could replace it.

>Do the limbs have their own power supply (feel free to guess wildly
>what it could be) or do they draw power from the organics? If the
>limbs do have their own source of energy, can this be used to
>replenish organic energy systems like the ATP/ADP cycle? (Rather
>simple to do, if the nanites can handle the endocrines) does
>Bunnie need to eat? (What /does/ she eat? :) How are wastes
>taken care of? (Absorption by the nans, I'd think. How else here
>has read "Blood Music", by Greg Bear? :)

   Something has to power the limbs. But, as I said above, they weren't
designed to draw power from the organic parts of the body. So, they must
have their own power supply. The power could be used to replenish the
organic systems, but would have to be reconfigured somehow.
   An arm and two legs isn't much power. If their power is being used both
to walk and to give Bunnie energy, she isn't getting much energy. So she
probably still has to eat something. If her stomach and digestive system are
still organic, she can eat anything she normally would. If not, (since Unlce
Chuck can eat a chili dog) there's some kind of stomach-thing that can store
food until it's used for energy. After it's used, the waste could either be
excreted by normal means or taken away more subtly by the nanites.

>From the loads she's placed on it, I would say that her skeleton
>(at least the spine, collar bones and hips) is probably all
>synthetic now. It would be most interesting to see an X-Ray of
>her... (Is she just like a Terminator with only a skin-deep cute
>and fluffy exterior? :)

  Probably right.


   "Simple, just change the gravitational constant of the universe."
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