Re: How rabbot is Bunnie?

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Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 14:43:32 +1000

Robert Haynie <>:
> I seem to remember while gophering the usenet that somepne
> poineted out something I've also noticed.. To wit-- In the
> SatSonic, Bunnie Rabbot has a robot arm and legs, but her...
> um... "naughty bits", in Pythonesque terms, are apparently flesh
> (she wears a leotard to cover those as well). But in the comic,
> Bunnie is apparently robot from teh waist down. [...]

That subject line reminds me I've always wanted to start up a really
okatu-tangential-useless-futile discussion about Bunnie's bio-cybernetic
systems. Feel free to hit `n' if you can't stand wild speculations
from someone who sits at a console all day. :)


With so much of her physiology being replaced (the bone marrow in
the legs produce nearly all the body's blood cells, for example),
the bionics would certainly be involved to some [major] degree with
supporting her organic systems.. A rather impressive feat,
considering that they're continuing to function successfully on an
unanticipated case (ie: half-robotised); this shows a substantial
amount of intelligence on behalf of the maintenance nanites (or

If she has an intelligent cybernetically augmented immune&etc
system, has her healing rate and other bodily production and
replacement functions improved or depreciated? Is she effectively
immortal now? (Insert a thousand story ideas here. :)

Do the limbs have their own power supply (feel free to guess wildly
what it could be) or do they draw power from the organics? If the
limbs do have their own source of energy, can this be used to
replenish organic energy systems like the ATP/ADP cycle? (Rather
simple to do, if the nanites can handle the endocrines) does
Bunnie need to eat? (What /does/ she eat? :) How are wastes taken
care of? (Absorption by the nans, I'd think. How else here has read
"Blood Music", by Greg Bear? :)

>From the loads she's placed on it, I would say that her skeleton
(at least the spine, collar bones and hips) is probably all
synthetic now. It would be most interesting to see an X-Ray of
her... (Is she just like a Terminator with only a skin-deep cute
and fluffy exterior? :)

(It's not real life, it's just a cartoon..  It's not real life,
it's just a cartoon..  It's not real life, it's just a cartoon.. Damn)
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