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Date: Mon, 4 Sep 1995 21:03:51 +0800 (PST)

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, JOHN MANKOWSKI wrote:

> 2.I saw in an earlyer message that someone had 40 megs of pics and all
> that or something. So Why don't they and hte FTP site put together a CD
> Rom with all the pictures,Sounds,and Stories. I Think most Collages have
> a machien that presses CDs form disks. You can bring a box of floppys
> with all that on it, Press sevral Disks (If they will let you) and sell
> them. I know if I found a Sonic pic/snd/txt/ CD then I whould buy it.
> But the only problem is copyright laws. Then again maby that isn't a
> good idea. Well... It was a good idea when it
> was flawless.
        That is me! I am the one with the largest Sonic Art archives
around -- 38 megs of SOnic art and getting ready to capture video clips
from the weekday STH cartoon and from the weekend cartoon provided I get a
VCR so I can hook it up to my Performa 638CDV and do vid captures from it.
Its never a problem. As for the CD's I am currently considering putting
this collection on CD Rom but the problem lies in the copyright issue. I
could never sell for profit since that would be like saying "heyya Sega, I
got a collection and I'm profitting off of it" and its not right. But for
private usage of CD Rom I am considering this route.

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