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Date: Mon, 04 Sep 95 20:32:00 -0500

Ok 2 things

1:Someone on one of the local bbses gave me a picture he had in his
sonic collection. It was one of thoes gory PICs. And if you all wanted
to know it is the stupedest picture I ever saw. It is only the HFF.GIF
file with tails geting stabed and impailed. It's reall cheesy. I am
beting that the rest of thoes gore PICs are like that. I really don't
care myself. I still have it and might keep it for a bit longer so if
you for some reason really want to see it then e-mail me and I can
encode it for you and send it to you. I won't send it to the FTP because
it's just a waste of disk space.

2.I saw in an earlyer message that someone had 40 megs of pics and all
that or something. So Why don't they and hte FTP site put together a CD
Rom with all the pictures,Sounds,and Stories. I Think most Collages have
a machien that presses CDs form disks. You can bring a box of floppys
with all that on it, Press sevral Disks (If they will let you) and sell
them. I know if I found a Sonic pic/snd/txt/ CD then I whould buy it.
But the only problem is copyright laws. Then again maby that isn't a
good idea. Well... It was a good idea when it
was flawless.
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