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Date: Mon, 4 Sep 1995 12:52:58 +0800 (PST)

>From the Desk of SOnic The Hedgehog,

        Hello friends! I have returned from my summer vacation at last.
I have FINALLY bought myself a Performa 638CDV machine (capable of
capturing video) and I am anxious to help the archives build up by buying
a couple StH tapes and capturing any frame from them. Let the requests
roll in! :^)

        And now the archives have found a new home on it too and it will
be ready by tomorrow (tuesday night Sept 5/95). My new homepage can be
found at http://www.grcom.com/sonic4 and my old homepage is still there
if you folks want to see extra pictures from the largest archives ever
found or existed! 38MB of pictures and building up! Some of my best art
can be found on the new page. Check it out Sonic Fans!

                                                SONIC-FULLY Yours,
                                                Bryant Melesko
                                                Sonic The Hedgehog
                                        World's Largest Sonic Art Archives
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