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Subject: Re: Sonic#28: Sonic Grams-- The Tails miniseries is a go!

Yep, it's time for another response from me... (Just now going through
the August archives....)

> I hope its not going to be _the_ Duck "Bill" Platypus in the Tails
> miniseries. :)

Yes, I did a double-take on seing that, too... They need to rename the
guy, as (a) this is an already existing character name, and (b), many
furryfans don't want to be reminded of one of the worst furry travesties
to ever be published... :P

> The cover preview for Sonic#29 looks interesting! Sally gets
> Roboticized, with Dulcey looking on.. Are there plans for a
> `Grand Unification' of the several Sonic storylines in the
> cartoons, comics, and games? :)

There has been some indication since #22 or 23 about a turn towards the
direction of the SatAM cartoon. I have a feeling the "old" comic stories
are being quietly faded out and the "new" (SatAM StH) stories are being
slowly phased in... The general quality is improving, and many of the
commentaries from both this list *and* my newsgroup (specificly my
gripse? ;) ) are indeed being heeded to, as noting that a certain
CyBunny(ie) is now making appearances in the comic, including last
month's Bunnie backup! :)

I had a hard time making out the cover preview pic, but the return of
Dulcy??? WAHOO!!! :) Looks like the SatAM StH makes a comeback via the
comics! **YESSSS!**

This should be it for a while from me, 'less I've got something to say
whilst I continue through this archive.. :)


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