Re: Some Sonic Projects

Date: Sat, 02 Sep 95 20:05:00 -0500

-> True, I had forgotten that fact. However, to my knowledge you'd have
-> to keep the same command letters (i.e. if you changed "King Arthur's
-> Weapons" to "Rotor's Weapons" you'd still have to type the letter "K"
-> to get in).

True: maby i could say Rotor's (K)ick Butt Wepons :)

Also for the flirting with Violet and the bard when I change that to
Sally and Sonic I plan on removeing the sex options on them. Like when
you flirt with sally the command (c)arry her upstairs will not be on the
list and I will attach a note saying that the sysop should turn clan
mode ON to stop that.

Plus I will use LordEvents to add some stuff to the game.
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