Re: Some Sonic Projects

Date: Sat, 02 Sep 1995 01:04:36 EDT

Ummm, good luck on replacing the're going to need it. Far
as I know, all you can do with LORD add-ons is add to the original game,
not change it. I started working on a Sonic IGM (but, admittedly, haven't
gotten very far), and the basic idea is you choose to become good or evil.
Good is harder, but pays off better (as in real life...and Usurper too
<G>). As a good character, you start out by choosing what kind of animal
you are (each one having different abilities), and as an evil one, you're
stuck with a certain kind of robot and are upgraded when you beat a level.
Anywayz, your idea sounds good, but it seems too hard to pull off to
me...I'd appreciate any help anyone wants to give me.


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