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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 18:59:00 -0500

First off i have an Idea for thoes who have a BBS for Sonic fans. Once i
find the files needed I will start work on a project called Legend of
the Blue Hedgehog. This will be an Ad-On for the Hit door game Legend of
the Red Dragon. It will (I Hope) Replace the Look,Enmies,and Teachers
into sonic charectors. It's a Big project i will star on and hope to
have out near the end of the year. Here is the help i need. 1:For
charector replacements should I have the charectors that the players
play as be like Sonic and Sally or should they be other freedum
Fighters. If they are others then I can have Sally replace Violet and
Sonic replace the bard. (They are the charectors in the Inn that players
can get info from and even flert with). 2. I need some Into Ansis that
can replace the start up screens. I think you can do that. I need some
good sonic art with or without the title on it. 3. I need some names
and ideas for Enemies and Other charectors in the game. There are 12
fighting masters in the traing arena. I plan on haveing Bunnie as the
head warrior and some other charectors as other teachers. And i need
some genral enmies to replace all the forest ones form the game. There
are 20 enmies for all 12 levels. If you writers out there have
charectors for one or the other let me know. I hope to get premission to
use Bookshire as a master (Maby Level 11) and Packbell as one of the
enmies in the forest. Aswell as any other charectors I can get.

Thank you and write to
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