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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 19:45:41 -0600

>Greetings, Sonic fans!
>I have an idea for a Sonic game, close to my idea for a lion king
>game that I made.
>The lion king game was fun, and now its time for me to create a new
>I've already made the pieces, based off of the pop ups from the
>pocahontas card set,
>and boy was robotnik hard.
>Now that I have all the characters, (and have had them for some time)
>I need character sheets.
>I need some help designing a board game though. Also the character
>This is what I would like on a character:
>Name: Knuckles
>Special abilities: Knuckles,bashing walls, and um....
>I'm not really sure, but I know i'll need hit points and stuff like
>Please give some suggestions, or i'll never be able to make this
>Thank you,

Dear Lindsay
I think that I can help you.In the last days Ive created some characters;
What do you think about Backles that is Knuckles evil twin created with
Knuckles and a bats DNA.Or what about Psycho a little dog with psyquic
power.Ive many ideas.You only ask me,Ive a pussy cat that can get trans-
formed in anything to can help to the freedom fighters.

Your friend


P.D I hope that you answer my other messages.
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