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Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 16:19:00 -0500

Ok I looked around and tryed to see what I could Leagaly change to make
an ad-on for L.O.R.D. (Legend of the red dragon) to make it into a sonic
like game. All I know of now is just looks and enmies. But I want to
change the level masters and stuff like that. but I'll see.

What I need from YOU!

I don't need to much help. For now all I need is some into ANSIs and a
lot of guys to replace the monsters. I could have nothing but SWAT-BOTS
but that whould be boring. I wand some minor/major charectors too. I
will have Knuckels as one of the villans but he escapes before you kill
him. And I hope to add some other carectors such as a villan I was
planing for a story and never used. (You'll have to wait to find out).
All I need you to do is send me the below info on your villan. Remember
he/she/it doesn't have to be a major charector in any storys. It can be
someone you made up. Of course I do want premission to use major story
charectors as well. There are about 120 enmies in the whole game. Ok
here's the form.

What I need to know about your charector.

                        There Name:
              Wepon That they use.:
                        Hit Points:
How much gold you get when you win:
   What it says when you kill them
                 with a power move:

And for the ANSIs just send me some good Pictures of any of the
charecors (Make sure to hide your name on it somewhere I won't add it)
All I will ad is the game title.

Thats all I really need.

Here Is what the game changes about L.O.R.D.

 No bard. Insted Sonic and his guitar!
No more Violet. Now guys flirt with Sally.
Visit Rotor's Wepon Shop.
Visit Antone's Armor Shop.
Fight in Robotroplis.
Now insted of a dragon fight robotnik's machien (*I HOPE*)
And the town is Knothole Village.

OK That about cover's it. Any questions just ask!

This project should be finished near the end of the year. I got to work
it into my school day.
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