Re: Sonic on FurryMUCK?

From: Dan Ramos <av643_at_Freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 04:52:45 -0600

AC> Some of you know that I'm now on FurToonia (and that my character
AC> has only a minimal connection to Mobius).

KEWL! Who's your character, if I can ask here?

AC> I tried out FurryMUCK today for the first time, and I also have
AC> an idea for an entirely Sonic-based character to develop there.
AC> Is Mobius in any way represented on FurryMUCK (like the Great
AC> Forest on FurToonia)?

Yuppers! From anywhere, enter: NEXUS and then OUT.
From the West Corner of the Park (WCotP) enter: CAB
In the cab, look at the sign and go to BOINGDRAGON'S GROTTO
When you're there...go to the JUMP ROOM. In there you'll
find that KNOTHOLE VILLAGE HUB is listed. GO FOR IT! :)
FurryMUCK's Mobius isn't too well developed since all the REAL Sonic
fans go to FurTooniaMUCK instead of Furry. :)
FurTooniaMUCK can be reached via telnet -->tel 9999
And to be honest... it's a MUCH better MUCK, less lag, less crashes...
and *I'M* always there (the biggest feature of FurToonia) <snicker>
Once you get there, if you wanna get to's REALLY simple...
follow these directions: GOTREE OUT AR RING
That's it! ...and it's MUCH larger...even The Great Forest is in there.
AC> (This thread should be moved to private e-mail or page #mail if
AC> it gets too MU*-specific. It can stay here if the focus can
AC> remain on Sonic and the other citizens of Mobius.)

If you want to send me Email, I would HIGHLY recommend you send it
to either
or to
Both of those will be read LONG before THIS address would be.
(I frequent those addresses VERY often). My preference is the FRAMOS
                                                   -Dan Ramos
                                                   SONIC _at_ FurryMUCK
                                              SONIC / MILES _at_ FurTooniaMUCK
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