Re: Furtoonia blocked or network error

From: Dan Ramos <av643_at_Freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 04:55:07 -0600

BJ> I'm having a major trouble with Furtoonia. I've used two
BJ> different apps to open a telnet connection and I _can_ get a
BJ> brief connect for less than a second (no text/data transfer
BJ> either) and then the connection gets drop-kicked. According to a
BJ> routetracer, one of's routers, specifically
BJ> the one that's "pointed" in my direction, is a little screwy or
BJ> is rejecting connects from my domain. I've no idea why if it's
BJ> the latter. Who can help me with this little conundrum?
Might help to know EVERYONE's having problems with SprintNET's
connections here and there all over the place. :/
It's usually best later at night around 11pm till 3-4am.
                                              -Dan Ramos
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