Re: ABC fall schedule [and sonic pictures]

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 17:41:12 CDT

> Howdy All.
> I don't know if this had been posted allready or not, but I picked
> up a copy of Sonic #27 & Triple Trouble #1, and found it rather ironic
> that ABC would be advertising their 'New Saturday Morning schedule"
> It goes like this:
> 8:00 Madeline
> 8:30 Free Willy
> 9:00 --not yet decided- (anyone got any info?)

I wonder if this is where they're planning on putting that 'Dumb and Dumber'
cartoon they were threatening. There's two guys in that Sonic 27 ad
which look like they could be the Dumb and Dumber guys?.

Hey! You got Triple Trouble #1? I haven't been able to find that one by us!

> The ad is done up in a sort of labyrinth type game, with the last
> words of the instructions saying, "Watch out for those FOXes" heh!

Yeah right... A little Anti FOX network propaganda here?

ON a different subject:  I remember someone asking where these pictures
came from:
I just heard about Sega's FTP site  ( and found these in the
directory  /sega/Pictures/Sonic.  There's other stuff too.. including Hints 
and Cheats for games.
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