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From: Robert Haynie <>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 22:56:24 GMT

-> From:!john.mankowski (JOHN MANKOWSKI)
-> 3.What whould be the best way to covences an idot friend of mine that
-> is compleatly out of his mind if he thinks that he can right a good 3
-> way crossover between Sonic the Hedgeh,Star Wars, And The Hitchhiker'
-> Guide to the Galaxy. If he does I WILL KILL HIM!
-> Thank you
    What crazy? Hey, it just might work. At worst, he could post it,
and we'd all flame him unmercifully, referring to him a \s the
illegetamate spawn of a dyspeptic hyena and a syphilitic leper. Or
something. (:(:(:(:(:
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