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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 12:52:35 CDT

<-- I wrote -->
>> Yo! I finally got Sonic 27 today.
>> I'm not gonna review it but here's a teazer.
>> On a routine recon mission, Sonic is captured and gets as case of comedy's
>> favorite medical affliction (amnesia). Robotnik befriends the confused
>> Sonic and trains him to be a Badnik! Is this the end of Knothole and the
>> Freedom Fighters?
<-- Dan Drazen replied -->
> Funny, that's the same question we were supposed to be asking ourselves
> during the "No Brainer" ep of the SatAM series (second season). I hope
> this doesn't mean that the writers are running out of gas. If they need
> ideas for stories, however, there are people on the list (myself
> included) who would be only too happy to make suggestions.

Yeah. Very similar plot to 'No Brainer' so far (Its actually a 2-parter
in an ARCHIE series.. whoa! That's never been done in the regular Sonic
Series). I don't know how they'll solve it but so far its being done a
bit differently than 'No Brainer'.

-- Re: Sonic 1/2 --

The guy who told me about this actually had a copy. Yes, its on standard
'newspaper' stock. Yes, its just the first 6 pages from Sonic Miniseries
issue '0'. Yes, it was a free insert (I don't know where he got it)
Also, Its not called 'Sonic 1/2' its really called 'Sonic 1/4'.

I don't know if he's letting me keep his copy or if he just wanted me to
see it (he was drunk at the time). He DID let me keep a nifty Sonic 2
Iron On pattern :) Now I just need to get a good blank t-shirt. Too bad
the pattern only has Sonic holding up 2 fingers in a Sonic 2 logo. I was
hoping Tails would be on it as well.

-- Re: Meeting Vote --

I never got around to voting, but I've always had trouble with IRCs.
I keep forgetting how to do stuff. And yes, the few times I HAVE tried
IRC with a friend we've always been bombarded by dweebs kicking people
off and flipping everyone's bits and other stupidity.

I'd prefer the meetings on Furtoonia (or FurryMUCK) but if IRC is the
ultimate decision it would be helpful if someone told people like me
how to even get ON an IRC [and some basic commands for chatting, moving
from one channel to another, seeing who's on, etc.].

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