Final Vote

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 10:43:00 -0500

Well here is what my vote about the meet came out

IRC Won with 60% of the votes. As for Furtoonia and Furrymuck they both
broke even with 20%. That was alot better for those 2 then i expected.
Still IRC is the winner so that is where the meet will be held.

I got MENY! difrent time requests. Trying to find a perfect time was
hard because all the times sent in by people where all difrent. But
based on the most popular times 6:00 PM saturday Whould be the best.
This whould mean on the west coast it whould be 3pm in Eurip it whould
be 10pm but on the other side of the wold it whould be around 6am
sunday. I hope this won't ruin anyons plans for those times. But that
whould apear the best times. As for a date well how does Saturday July
29th sound. if that is a problem let me know I am trying to make
everyone i can hapy. Sorry if I can't do so.

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