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Because we have several new subscribers on the list, I am reposting the
"other" FAQ to make sure everyone has a chance to see it. This file is
also available on the ftp site,

This FAQ is now a little out of date, but one of my favorite features in
this file is the character grids.

For those of you with limited disk space at your account -- and those of
you, if any who have to pay for received e-mail -- I will not be doing
these reposts often (especially of files on the ftp site).

[Begin included text]


Last night I typed up this FAQ based mostly on the Archie comic book series
as. Its a start but could use a bit of feedback and input from the
television series.


>>Dates of all Comic Books
(The comics come out about a month or two before their dates)

Sonic 0 FEB 93
Sonic 1 MAR 93
Sonic 2 APR 93
Sonic 3 MAY 93 ?

Regular Series
Sonic 1 AUG 93 ?
Sonic 2 SEP 93
Sonic 3 OCT 93
Sonic 4 NOV 93
Sonic 5 DEC 93
Sonic 6 JAN 94
Sonic 7 FEB 94
Sonic 8 MAR 94
Sonic 9 APR 94
Sonic 10 MAY 94
Sonic 11 JUN 94
Sonic 12 JUL 94
Sonic 13 AUG 94
Sonic 14 SEP 94
Sonic 15 OCT 94
Sonic 16 NOV 94
Sonic 17 DEC 94
Sonic 18 JAN 95
Sonic 19 FEB 95
Sonic 20 MAR 95
Sonic 21 APR 95

In Your Face Series
Sonic 1 JAN 95

Sally 1 APR 95

>>Fun info!

Sonic's Speed Settings (From Sonic Miniseries #0)
1 Sub-Sonic: For underwater work -- understand?
2 Ultra-Sonic: To look dashing while dashing!
3 Super-Sonic: When I've got the need for more speed!
4 Trans-Sonic: For passing fancy!.
5 Hyper-Sonic: Up to twice the speed of sound... don't 'mach' me out!
6 Warp-Sonic: Lite speed - 1/3 faster than your regular bulb!

(7) Sonic Spin dash!

Robotnic's Rules (From Sonic #3)
1 No Reading
2 No Laughing
3 No Live Plants
4 ... (I don't have issue #3.. can someone help me?)

>>Questions and Answers!

Q: What speed setting does Sonic have to go for his legs to turn into
    those swirly things?

A: Trans-Sonic

Q: What color is Sally's hair?

A: Good question!
    In Sonic Miniseries 0 it was blond with red fur.
    In Sonic Miniseries 1-3 and Sonic 1-15 she's a brunette with pink fur.
    Sonic 16 and after she's a red-head with brown fur, just like on TV.
    (They explained the color changes in SonicGrams #16; Archie writers had
    little material to base her on until the TV series came out)

    In a side note: The comic book tends to follow both the Saturday and
    Weekday television series but follows the Saturday series more closely.

Q: What species is Sally?

A: Squirrel! (Given in SonicGrams #5, #14, #16 and #17)
    (Ground squirrel according to SonicGrams #19)

Q: What species is Antoine?

A: Fox (Given in SonicGrams #12)

Q: Sonic's Favorite Food?

A: Chili Dogs! "My favorite food gives me alot of.. 'Jet Propultion'"
    (Yup.. thats what Sonic said in SonicGrams #12 .. eeeww)

Q: How did Tails get his 2nd tail?

A: Reader mail in Sonic #2 gives a few possibilities:
      (1) Tails is a mutant!
      (2) Tails was created in Dr. Frankenstein's Lab
      (3) Tails has Antoine's tail!
    [(3) is my favorite]
    A reply in SonicGrams #9 states he was born that way.
    A reply in SonicGrams #16 states Antoine gave his tail to Tails so he
    could fly. Hrm.. I guess (3) is Sonic's favorite answer too!
    Added comment: (1) is the most plausable in my opinion. With
    Robotnik polluting everything you're bound to find some mutants.

Q: How did Bunnie Rabbot get her robot arm and legs?

A: Sonic saved Bunnie from being Roboticized but not before she gained
    some robotic parts. (Given in SonicGrams #16)

Q: Why is Miles Prower called Tails?

A: Its a nickname. He prefers Tails over Miles (wouldn't you?)

Q: How old is Sonic?

A: Back in SonicGrams #7 Sonic didn't want to reveal his age, but he
    eventually said he was 15 (SonicGrams #16 and #18)

Q: How old is Sally?

A: Also 15 (SonicGrams IYF#1 and #20)

Q: How old is Tails?

A: Somewhere I heard he was 4 (perhaps a Sega Vision's magazine.. I
    couldn't find it in SonicGrams) but a recent TV episode said he's 10.
    This seems a bit more plausable given Tail's personality.

Q: Where is Mobius?
A: SonicGrams #9 says the planet is in an unspecified point in space.
    (Cop-out answer)

Q: Who was the king of Mobius?

A: Sonic #10 shows a picture of the king. He looks alot like an old male
    version of Sally. This contradicts the TV series where he looked alot
    like a fox. Sonic #17 first shows the king as he appears on TV as a
    fox (in Princess Sally's Crusade).

    Added note: Very strange to be a squirrel princess while having a
    fox king. Perhaps Sally is an adopted daughter (or a daughter by

>>Which comic issues did we see the cast memberst?
(Note: MS 2 and 3 as well as 1 and 3 are blank due to lack of those books)

Notation: MS = miniseries ; IYF = In your face ; SAL = Sally miniseries
          no letters means regular series
x marks episodes featuring the characters

                 MS 111111111122 IYF SAL
Freedom Fighters 0123 - 123456789012345678901 - 1 - 123
  Sonic xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
  Tails xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
  Sally xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x
  Boomer/Rotor* xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
  Antoine xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
  Bunnie Rabbot** . x x xxx x xx xxx x
  Nicole . x x
  Uncle Chuck x . x x
  Muttski x . x x
  Arlo . x
  Dylan . x
  Penelope . x
  Hamlin . x

One-shot Friedly guests
  #2,4,16 Al and Cal (short for HorizontAL and VertiCAL)
  #8 Thorny, Betty Butterfly
  #9 Nerbs
  #11 Dr Robotnic (Reverse-universe)
  #12 Sonugh he Boghog & prehistoric friends, Cyril (Eagle), Larry Lynx
  #15 Magic Frog
  #18 and IYF #1 Rosie, Julayla
  IYF#1 Posie Possum
  #19 Sonic-Cyborg and oodles of other Sonics.
         Seen in MS 111111111122 IYF SAL
Villans 0123 - 123456789012345678901 - 1 - 123
  Robotnik xx . x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
  Snively*** x xx xxxxxxxxx
  Swatbots! xx . x xx xxxxxxx xxxxx x x
  Crabmeat x . x x xx xxx xxx
  Cluck x . x
  Scratch . x x x x
  Grounder . x x x x
  Buzzbomber xx . xx x x x
  Caterkiller x . xx x x
  Coconuts . x x x x x
  Jaws x .
  Burrowbot . xx x x
  Bat Brain . x x x
  Splats . x x
  (Octopus-bot) . x
  BallHog . x x x
  Orbinaut . x x
  Motobug . x
  Neutron . x
  Roller . x
  Slicer . x

One-shot villans! (mostly only the really tough robots included)
  #4 Universalamander
  #5 Termite-Nator
  #6 Rexxon, Scorpius, Ferrons (from Spinball)
  #8 'Botman, Wolvurkle'bot, Spawnmower, Magbot, Captain Marbot, Migty 'Bot
  #9 Pseudo-Sonic
  #11, #19 Sonic the Hedgehog and Freedom Fighters (reverse-universe)
  #12 Dinosaurs and Ivo Robughnik (prehistoric age)
  #15 Beetlebot
  #16 Uncle Chuck and Muttski .. Roboticized
  #17 King Gong
  IYF#1 Cyclops, Griffon, 2-headed dragon
  #19 RoboRobotnik, Shadow Swatbots, Giant Borg
  #21 E.V.E (Exceptionally Versatile Evolanoids)

Friend or foe??
  #13 Knuckes (from Sonic 3)
  #20, SAL#1 Gefforey St. John (I certainly smell a foe here though)

* Boomer was renamed Rotor to match the TV series in issue 6 (in a
    Dicken's parody). The issue was hammered home issue 9.
** A poster had Bunnie in MS1 but she was not in any storylines until ???.
*** Snively first appears in #6 in a Dicken's Christmas Carol parody but
    was called 'Jacob Snarley'

Feel free to make additions and corrections. Remember this is based
almost entirely on the Archie comic series.

Also.. Anyone know where I can get Sonic Miniseries issue #3? I can
back-order the others which I don't have.

Environmentally friendly compact .sig by James Firmiss --

[End included text]

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