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From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:34:45 -0400 (EDT)

> Hi, I'm Thad "X" Boyd, and I'm new at the Mailing List thing. I couldn't
> find any FAQ, so I'm trying to get through to the rest of you. Hopefully,
> I'm sending this to the right address...

You want a FAQ? Happy to oblige. I, BTW, am the keeper of the FAQ
File...or one of the files, at any rate, having had to split this one
into three. Hope you enjoy.

> I guess I may as well tell you a little about myself. I'm on the Fraudigy
> (I guess you'd call it Prodigy if you hadn't seen any bills yet <G>)
> network, and have fairly limited Internet access. I'm a member of two
> Sonic clubs (for those of you who run *Fee*, if any, one's in the Sega
> Clubs topic on the Video Games BB; the other's in the Cartoon/Furry/Humor
> topic on the Comics BB), and I write a lot of stories about the Freedom
> Fighters. In Sonic '95 (the one on the VGBB), we've made up a multitude of
> new characters (or, in my case, stolen some from other areas that have
> nothing to do with character is Mega Man X).
> ><

Turnabout being fair play:

I access the Internet through a connection at the university where I
work (I work in the library, and as a professional librarian with
faculty rank I get an e-mail outlet). I am not a member of any clubs,
and the local sysop has locked out all the* groups, so I have
to resort to the mailing list. Why I took it upon myself to do the FAQ
File I'll never know but it's a great experience. Having merely read
about the process of the canonization of the Old Testament in a course I
took on Intertestamental Judaism, I find it fascinating that there are
parallels in the currently-ongoing work of putting together the StH

My one contribution to fanfic, "Bloodlines," is available for viewing on
David Pistone's web page. The original characters in that one are
products of my own imagination. I'm going to try posting another story
some time in July.

Looking forward to having you on the list.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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