Re: sonic rumers on the net

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 03:10:59 +1000
>> I have hard meny rumers on the Internet I want to ask about.
>> Here are some rumers i heard about and whoud like someone to
>> let me know about them.

>> 3.A Sonic game that is like the sega one but for the PC. Also
>> posable but probly not leagal.

Anyone interested in helping to write a Sega console emulator
for Unix, PC & Mac systems? :)

> Rumor #4 is the only one I know about; unfortunately, it's too
> true. [...]
> I'm not going to state publically where I saw the pics, what
> with the current row about Internet censorship and cyberporn
> (Question: How would the Congressional blue noses handle
> furrotica?).

It's been claimed elsewhere that Exon and friends have
used examples from abpef to lead opinion in the Senate.


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