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From: Buster Bunny <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 14:43:42 -0400

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Ryan Fields wrote:

> I wonder if there is the possibility of another network picking up the show,
> even though it would be repeats. (I still haven't seen all of the second
> season eps. anyway) Would The Cartoon Network carry something like Sonic? I
> know that TCN has decided to begin airing SWATKats (another excellent
> cartoon that was cancelled and now in repeats) sometime in August. At least
> that's the most recent news I've heard. Perhaps they might be able to get
> Sonic on the network. Does anyone know if this could be a possibility?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the cartoon network is owned by Turner
Broadcasting who is also responsible for SWAT Kats... and most (all?) of
the programming on the cartoon network is from Ted Turner owned

STH on the Cartoon Network is a nice idea, and I hope it happens, but it
seems rather un-likely to me...

                                -Buster Bunny <>

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