Re: No Sonic now on ABC... and what do we get instead?

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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 16:59:13 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Ryan Fields wrote:

> I wonder if there is the possibility of another network picking up the show,
> even though it would be repeats. (I still haven't seen all of the second
> season eps. anyway) Would The Cartoon Network carry something like Sonic? I
> know that TCN has decided to begin airing SWATKats (another excellent
> cartoon that was cancelled and now in repeats) sometime in August. At least
> that's the most recent news I've heard. Perhaps they might be able to get
> Sonic on the network. Does anyone know if this could be a possibility?

It's always possible. Ted Turner (owner of WTBS, TNT, Cartoon Network,
CNN, CNN Headline News, and >=1 more channel) has run "Captain Planet",
another DIC 'toon on both WTBS and TNT. So maybe one of them if not C.N.
C.N. seems to "favor" Hanna-Barbera, the makers of "SWATKats".

Another possibility is Sonic being added to USA's "Cartoon Express".
Unfortunately, the TV listings usually say "Cartoon Express - 5 hours"
and you never know just what's going to be on.

And it's always possible for DIC to take the now-former Saturday series
to syndication. They will have to make >=40 more episodes for that to
happen, and making 40 more shows will take a while. Or, they could add
these episodes to the existing weekday series and maybe more stations
will pick up Sonic on weekdays.. and hopefully one in my area.

Or maybe someone on the mailing list can get busy and release some
multi-megabyte .AVI's with Sonic (g).

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