Re: Yet Another (New?) Theory on Sonic's speed?

From: Robert Haynie <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 16:19:11 GMT

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-> Subject: Re: Yet Another (New?) Theory on Sonic's speed?
-> On Thu, Jun 08, 5:44 PM EST, Chris Baird posted:
-> >it came to me that one possible, and maybe even plausible :) cause f
-> Sonic's speed could >be: he fell into a power ring generator when he
-> young'un... (Just like Obelix in the >"Asterix" stories.) And now i
-> similar way to Obelix, exposure to power rings cause a >freakishly hu
-> output of power. How's this idea rate on a scale of 10? :)
-> >
-> >--
-> >Chris,,
-> Hey! I remember Asterix, he even had a neat movie! Anyway, I rate it
-> Did the power ring generator at the bottom of the pool in Knothole (S
-> give you this idea? I think that Uncle Chuck might've taken Sonic to
-> before the events in "Blast to the Past," where the fiesty young hedg
-> could've had his little accident. :-}
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    Whoa. If I remember right, in one episode Tails asks Sonic why he's
the only one who can use the Rings, and Sonic replies that his UNcle
Chuck made them for him (i.e. Sonic). That seems to suggest that
Sonic's speed was extant before the Rings were, and the rings were made
specifically to augment Sonic's speed. I'll rate this a 4 myself,
because of that little inconsistency...

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