Re: Yet Another (New?) Theory on Sonic's speed?

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Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 18:29:50 -0700

On Thu, Jun 08, 5:44 PM EST, Chris Baird posted:

>it came to me that one possible, and maybe even plausible :) cause for
Sonic's speed could >be: he fell into a power ring generator when he was a
young'un... (Just like Obelix in the >"Asterix" stories.) And now in a
similar way to Obelix, exposure to power rings cause a >freakishly huge
output of power. How's this idea rate on a scale of 10? :)

Hey! I remember Asterix, he even had a neat movie! Anyway, I rate it an 8.
Did the power ring generator at the bottom of the pool in Knothole (Sat toon)
give you this idea? I think that Uncle Chuck might've taken Sonic to Knothole
before the events in "Blast to the Past," where the fiesty young hedgehog
could've had his little accident. :-}

Brian J. Irish -
"Jelly and jam time!" - Sonic Hedgehog

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