The Void

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Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 13:40:43 -0400 (EDT)

We know that Uncle Chuck had good reasons for inventing the device that
Julian stole and made into the roboticizer.

But why was the Void invented? I don't see how it would serve any useful
purpose to the inhabitants of Mobius.

It also seems that the Void moves from one second-season episode to
another. Robotnik has some control over it, but how is he able to move
it from where it was in "Game Guy" to where it was in "The Void"?

And what is it anyway? The Void cannot be a black hole because it is
escapable, life goes on within it, and it isn't black. When Ari got
sucked in, Sally called it a vortex (makes sense) and that someday they
would figure it out (like the Void is a puzzle of some sort) and release
him. But Sally shouldn't have had any trouble realizing what Ari was
going into because her father had already gone in years ago. It doesn't
seem that The Void changes so much, so often that it can't be recognized.

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