Other Sonics part 1.1

From: Chris Baird <cjb_at_brushtail.hna.com.au>
Date: Sat, 13 May 1995 08:34:17 +1000

Robert Haynie <rhaynie_at_jaguar.ac.edu>:
> Foreword:
> In more than one issue of the STH comic the so-called "Cosmic
> Interstate" has been mentioned. Most noted was issue #19 (I
> believe), "Night of a Thousand Sonics", which noted that there
> were (in theory) many, many versions of the hedgehog. But what
> are these other realms like? What are the others like in them?

I definitely can't have been the first to imagine there could be a
realm where HFF is the hero, and Sonic is all but the lowly
sidekick. :)


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