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[A request for information on the Chaos Emeralds.]

I can't help you as far as the SatAM series (though I don't think the
Emeralds ever showed up) or the US comic (haven't seen an issue with them
in it), but I *can* tell you about the games, and my own personal theory
about them...

  ___ In Sonic 1, there were six Chaos Emeralds that could be collected
 / _ \ throughout the game; they came in assorted colors (these colors
/ / \ \ have varied from game to game; if you're interested, I'll make a
\ \_/ / list) and were shaped something like the ASCII art to the left.
 \___/ Collecting all six didn't do anything special, except for making
         a better end to the game (Sonic throws them into the air, there's
a flash, and all the plants and stuff are de-robotisized). In the Special
Stage, they were about half as big as Sonic, but in the end sequence
they're shown to be about hand-sized. (Perhaps the Special Stage distorts
spatial relationships?)

In Sonic 2, there were seven Chaos Emeralds, of the same shape and
size(s), and collecting all seven allowed Sonic to turn into Super Sonic,
a nearly indestructible yellow speed demon. (Obviously, neither Sonic nor
'Buttnik found the seventh one the first time around.) Tails was unable
to harness the Emeralds' power.

In Sonic 3, the Emeralds were pretty much identical to those in Sonic 2
(the color choices may have been different, I don't know), though Super
Sonic was powered down a little (made slower, mainly, which is actually
an advantage; I've never bothered to get all the Emeralds legitimately in
Sonic 2 because Super Sonic there is too hard to control). Similarly, in
Sonic & Knuckles alone there were no changes (though Knuckles now becomes
Super Knuckles, a flashing pink echidna who climbs faster and runs as
fast as Sonic usually does).

 /_/__\_\ In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the first seven Emeralds are still identical
 \ \ / / to those in Sonic 2, but when the S&K portion of the game is
  \ \/ / entered, a warp to the Hidden Palace Zone is found. There, the
   \ / Chaos Emeralds are 'planted', making giant gray Emeralds that are
    \/ nearly as big as Sonic. Subsequent forays into the Special Stage
          uncover the seven Super Emeralds, which in that stage are still
half-Sonic-sized; each one found lights up its counterpart in the 'real
world'. When all seven are lit, the Master Emerald, an even bigger
(fully Sonic-sized) green gem, lights up, making Sonic Hyper Sonic (a
flashing yellow hedgehog who shoots sparks off his body, runs very fast,
and can kill most enemies on screen at will, not to mention rocket in any
direction in mid-air), Knuckles Hyper Knuckles (flashes pink with
afterimages, moves even faster, and can kill enemies by pounding a wall
and making the screen shake), and Tails Super Tails (flashes white and
his usual orange, flies faster, runs faster, and is attended by four
'bluebirds' (who actually match his coloration) that kill enemies on
their own initiative).

Sonic CD doesn't have Chaos Emeralds, but instead has Time Gems; they
look the same, but instead of allowing him to become Super Sonic, they
negate Robotnik's presence in the past of the Little Planet, allowing a
good ending. I haven't seen Knuckles Chaotix yet, and don't know
anything about the Game Gear versions, except that some of them, I'm
told, have the Emeralds hidden on the level instead of in some special stage.

I hope this was in some way helpful! (:3

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