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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <jpegnato_at_vt.edu>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 12:12:26 +0600

I just read a few messages (flames, really) in my E-mail &
on the Usenet which I am really unhappy about... This post
is a response to those messages & E-mails...
I honestly couldn't believe the poor responses I got to this
simple bit 'o creativity. So to all those who
care: my views on the Princess & why...

What in the name of Mobius is going on here!?!

          The drawing "SALLYFOX.GIF" was a response
to the long running discussion about Princess Sally's
species. I personally am of the mind-set that she
is a fox, thus, I thought she would look good with a
nice, long tail.

     Now I know all you comic book fans love to boast
that she is specifically referred to as a "ground squirrel",
but I for one have realized that the show and comic book
have nothing to do with each other! There are
inconsistencies between the two (discussed at nauseam)
which can only be reconciled if you think of the show,
comic book, (and any other Sonic writing) as separate
stories with the same basic characters. Each media is
like looking through different "windows" to Mobius, as
another 'net Freedom Fighter put it.
     With that in mind, Think of the SatAM Sonic show.
Now, it puzzles me a great deal as to WHY the
artists/animators/writers would have made Sally's
father a FOX if she herself was not one. This makes
no logical sense to me. I think it is fairly obvious
that SOMEONE on the design team thought Sally was
a fox if they drew her father as one.

     In response to the realization that Sally's father
is a fox (on the show) alot of interesting theories
suddenly popped up: "Her mother was a ground squirrel"
and "she was adopted" are my personal favorites. Also, a
couple of new terms evolved: "Mobian biology" and "cartoon
genetics" are my favs from that bunch. All in all, I see
this as alot of creative B.S. which attempts a rational
explanation to this dilemma in species. Of course, since
there is no hint of species on the show, NO ONE (save maybe
the artist him/herself) can argue this point. (and since
the show was canceled, this will never be resolved.)

     So put away your torches and flame-throwers and save
them for someone who really deserves it. As I said, it
doesn't make any logical sense to me for Sally to be a
ground squirrel, but to each his own. I'm done arguing
this point and can accept that some people still like her
as a ground squirrel. If you don't like what I drew, erase
it, but don't bug me about it. If you disagree with me,
fine, but realize also that you may be the one who is wrong...

Net Freedom Fighter and keeper of at least one iconoclastic view,
Jeffrey Pegnato

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