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> >And a quote from sally was "my father was here!". And
> >she most certainly was no where near the void.
> >In season two, it was made clear that her father was
> >thrown into the void right after Julian took over.
> >Then it was shown that Sally's dad couldn't leave the
> >void without turning to crystal.
> My theory:
> The room from Blast to the Past is most likely some type of a lab where
> the void was first developed. Robotnik (Julian, whatever) captures the king
> and holds him in Ironlock(e?) until he's ready to throw the king into the
> void. While he's there, he leaves a message for Sally (or Sandy according to
> Daniel Drazen). Years later, Sally happens to find the message and comes to
> the obvious conclusion, "my father was here!"
> -B.B.

Not bad. I wish they would have hinted at that. That's not a bad theory.

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