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Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 11:15:17 -0400

>> > What I'd like to know is how he manages to rotate his tails without
>> > getting them wrapped around each other. It's just magical the way he
>> > does that. :-)
>What I *meant* to say is:
>Maybe he's got some sort of rotator cuff built into his butt? (:3

   First of all, you can't fly with two tails anyway. Since Tails is a fox,
chances are his tails are not aerodynamically designed for flying. But let's
say they are, he'd have to rotate them pretty fast to get himself off the
ground. But let's say he has some special muscle that can do that (like a
hummingbird), his tails would get wrapped around each other. He could spin
them one way for a while, then when they get caught up, spin them the other
way. Or he could spin one clockwise and one counterclockwise where each
one would go over the other so they don't hit each other. Problem solved.


   "Simple, just change the gravitational constant of the universe."
   -Q, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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