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Hi everyone... I had posted this info around 3 weeks ago on, and was asked if I could send this to the List, so
here it is. :)


Okay folks. Now for a little lesson on Sonic. :)

But first, a bit of legal stuff. This information comes from either one of
two sources:
1) "Sonic the Hedgehog Official Stylebook and Character Manual" (c) 1994
2) "Sonic the Hedgehog Bible, August 1991" (c) 1991 SEGA
Both used without permission (oops!). Footnotes indicate which book the
information came from. Any spelling errors are my own, unless so denoted
by "sic". :)

Now on with the session. Here's some information about Sonic's biography,
abilities, attitude, etc.

BIOGRAPHY (book 1)
        Sonic The Hedgehog --- the fastest, coolest hedgehog anywhere. It's
more than just speed - it's his wit, that won't quit. He's all heart,
and super smart! Sonic's always racing from one place to the next ---
barely stopping to catch his breath.
        As Sonic developed his incredible speed, his attitude became
legendary. This Dude with a 'Tude is irreverent, confident, impatient
and constantly bursting at the quills with energy. Above all, he's the
bravest big-hearted hedgehog anywhere.
        Sonic's way cool, power red sneakers blast him around at supersonic
speeds without burning through their soles. Our hero's favorite color
is --- you guessed it: blue! He loves gumballs and chili dogs, too, but
he hates water 'cause he can't swim.
        Sonic is always there for his friends --- they know they can count
on him, especially in times of trouble. It all comes down to loyalty,
and important quality that this hedgehog is full of --- among other
        All Sonic really wants is for life to return to the way it was ---
before Dr. Robotnik took over, polluted the planet and roboticized
everyone. To free his friends from the Dr.'s grasp, Sonic must trash
Robotnik and his vile eggomatic machine.
        Maybe Sonic will go into a Supersonic Spin Attack --- whatever
happens, watch out. 'Cause the super blue hedgehog is... UP... OVER ---

        Sonic thinks he's perfect, but he's not! Forest-smart, Sonic is of
average intelligence. He has to struggle to figure out the solution to a
problem or puzzle. usually, he relies on his great charm and physical
capabilities to get out of tight spots. Sonic never analyzes a
situation, he just plunges in. He's a Hedgehog of Action.

        Carefree and radically cool --- that's what Sonic is all about.
Nothing deep. That's not to say Sonic is an airhead! When he's not
teasing you or playing a joke on you, he's probably the best friend you
could ever hope for. He cares about his forest pals and delights in
coming to their rescue.
        Sonic does not swear, take drugs, harm the environment, or eat
anything that one might consider healthy. he does make mistakes ---
quite a few of them --- but not without regret.
        Then there's Sonic's Attitude. When he wants something, he goes for
it --- 150%. Sonic does not respond well to authority --- he's juat(sic)
too impulsive. He's cocky, independent, self-assured, but never
obnoxious or cruel.

        Sonic loves any thing or any way to move through life at top speed.
His favorite diet? Fast food and candy bars --- what else! Sonic loves
burgers, tacos, nachos, fries, anything chocolate, and cola. Sonic
doesn't eat or drink diet anything --- he needs the calories! (A note
from me: it appears Sonic's chili dog fetish developed AFTER the bible
had been printed.)
        One more clue about Sonic's personality --- he's more than a bit
vain about his blue spikes. His spikes are always perfect. In Sonic's
world, slobs finish last.
        But when he does slow down, there's nothing Sonic likes more than
exploring new places, playing practical jokes, or playing video games.
        Patience is not one of Sonic's strong points. When he feels the
pace is too slow, he'll cop his trademark "What's the matter with you,
dude!" attitude and tap his foot with impatience.

        Sonic's objectives in life are to have fun and enjoy the ride! Life
is a blast, if you don't stop to think about it --- that sums up Sonic's
philosophy. As long as he had his supersonic speed, his sneakers, and
his good buddies, Sonic is one cool and happy dude.


Hope you enjoyed it! I'll post info on Robotnik and Tails in a few days.


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