RE: all ye non-believers, I'm back...

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 18:44:00 PDT

>Hey Mike, maybe you can clear this one up for me...I'm still a little
>confused as to what Antoine is supposed to be. People have been saying
>he is a fox too, but I find his tail to be just a bit on the short side
>in the comics for him to be a fox. He looks, (and acts), more like a
>coyote to me. Just to add to it, King Acorn definately does appear to be
>a fox, although it's never actually been said that he is. Could this
>just be another 'glich' in the story somewhere?

Unfortunately, I can't clear this up for you. Antoine, I believe, is a
character created by either DiC or Archie, and only approved for use by

Unfortunately again, due to the loose grip that our licensing department has
on Sonic-related characters, numerous glitches can be found in the story.
 Apparently our character group is trying to get a better handle on it due
to Sonic's popularity, but I don't know how or when any sort of 'official'
documentation will come out regarding the other Freedom Fighters. I
currently only have access to character info on Sonic, Tails, Robotnik,
Knuckles, and Sally.


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