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A couple clarifiers:

> > Sally, Hamlin and Dylan are fighting their way into
> >Robotropolis with paint guns and grenades (blinding SWATbots).
> Somehow I thought this was a bit pacifist - where was the heavy
> artillery to blow them apart? I hope the Emulation Clause isn't sneaking
> itself into the comics...

I don't mind all that much. This has always struck me as a war of
harassment anyway as opposed to one of serious confrontation. Didn't
seem all that out of place when I first encountered it in "Sally's
Crusade" from In Your Face #1.

> Since all the other trainees' names matched their species (except Geoffrey
> and Hamlin, but the latter is close enough :^)), what the heck is Dylan
> supposed to be?

Jim Firmiss identifies Dylan as a "[porcupine?]" so even he hedged his
bets. With the invocation of Dylan and Arlo, I thought the writers were
going for a 1960's rock stars sort of thing. Remember, the writing team
of Kanterovich and Penders also named Sally's old teacher Julayla--a
synthesis, I believe, of the titles of two rock songs: "Julia" from the
Beatles' white album, and Eric Clapton's "Layla."

> >head for the vehicle maintenance area and grab saucer-shaped air
> >cars (from Hanger 18! X-P )
> If this is an in-joke, I didn't get it...

In a sense, you should be glad. "Hanger 18" is a legendary 1980
pseudo-documentary which one source called the cinematic equivalent of
yellow journalism. It's supposedly about the "fact" that the US Air Force
has been keeping a crashed UFO under wraps in the aforementioned hanger
while officially denying the existence of UFOs. Produced by Sunn
Classics (which specialized in the genre with films such as "In Search
of Noah's Ark"), it's a crackpot "What is the secret that our government
is keeping from us?" sort of thing. Years before "The X-Files" and
light years behind in terms of competence. If your local video store
has a copy, it might be good for a hoot.

> >Sally tries to convince Geoffrey to come to Knothole but he declines in
> >order to rejoin the Rebel Underground. He does engage Sally in some
> >serious lip-locking before they part.
> Quoting her diary: "as for my heart, where once there was one, now there
> are two" - yow!

First Bunnie and Antoine, now Sally and Geoffrey -- hmmmm. They'd
better start creating some new female players before the existing
ones get worn out! ;-)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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