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>From: (Dan Drazen)

>[Note: There WILL be spoilers. You have been warned. DJD]

>#23 Jun 1995

>Surprising last panel gives the impression that Antoine
>isn't entirely clueless.

Indeed; so much for that fan-fic of Rotor and Bunnie :^)

>"Deadliest of the Species, Part III"
>(Summary: James Firmiss)

> Sally, Hamlin and Dylan are fighting their way into
>Robotropolis with paint guns and grenades (blinding SWATbots).

Somehow I thought this was a bit pacifist - where was the heavy
artillery to blow them apart? I hope the Emulation Clause isn't sneaking
itself into the comics...

>Dylan believes that attacking at half strength isn't wise,

Since all the other trainees' names matched their species (except Geoffrey
and Hamlin, but the latter is close enough :^)), what the heck is Dylan
supposed to be?

>head for the vehicle maintenance area and grab saucer-shaped air
>cars (from Hanger 18! X-P )

If this is an in-joke, I didn't get it...

>Sally tries to convince Geoffrey to come to Knothole but he declines in
>order to rejoin the Rebel Underground. He does engage Sally in some
>serious lip-locking before they part.

Quoting her diary: "as for my heart, where once there was one, now there
are two" - yow!


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